Upper Limbposium Stream features the latest clinical gold from some of the best thinkers in the MSK game. Improve your shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand outcomes and lots more in this Upper Limb Masterclass at Therapy Live. 

0830 - Frozen? Cold? Chilly? A Different Take on Stiff & Painful Shoulders! - Adam Meakins

0915 - Upper Limb Rheumatology Reasoning - Jack March

1030 - CTS: Emerging Evidence for Therapy Management - Annina Schmid

1115 - Rotator Cuff Related Shoulder Pain: A Community MSK Perspective - Andrew Cuff

1245 - The Unstable Shoulder: What to Consider - Anju Jaggi

1330 - Anyone for Tennis?: Is it All Tennis Elbow? - Val Jones

1415 - Moving Beyond Splinting for Hand Therapy - Debs Stanton

1600 - Cognitively Rich Rehab of the Upper Limb - Jo Gibson

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