Many therapists work within team sports, and increasingly we are seeing teams of all abilities and playing levels travelling further to train and compete. 

Travelling overseas with a team brings some unique challenges for us as therapists, but when you add in that it could be at the absolute pinnacle of your sport – The Rugby World Cup and the team you are with speak another language, then these challenges become even greater. 

This webinar is a journey of reflection and knowledge sharing from a Physiotherapist who has spent his career working in the professional ranks of Rugby at the highest level. 

Chris travelled to Japan in 2019 with the Russian Rugby Team for the World Cup and shares his experiences of the 12-18 months preparation, the tournament and the evolution of his role post world cup. 

Learning Objectives

  • An overview of the challenges of getting into and working in Professional sport.  
  • An insight into the intricacies of travelling with, and working within Foreign Teams. 
  • A reflection of the lessons learnt and the skill sets developed from the sidelines working with professional teams. 
  • An introduction to considerations facing team sports environment Post-Covid.   
  • The diverse role, communication skills, and non-clinical requirements of working with and travelling with a team. 

Chris Jenkins

Chris Jenkins - Head Physiotherapist Russian Rugby and Director CJ Physio 

Chris Jenkins has over 10+ years working as a Physiotherapist in Professional Rugby , having worked in the English Premiership , Guiness Pro14 and International Rugby. 

He is currently the Head Physiotherapist for Russia Rugby and was their Lead Physio for the Rugby World Cup in Japan in 2019. 

He has also previously worked for Canada Rugby , the MOD and private clinics in Central London. 

He has a Masters Degree in Sports Physiotherapy from Kings College London (2009) and completed his initial Physiotherapy degree in Cardiff (2000). 

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Travelling as a therapist in elite sport: an insiders guide from the Rugby World Cup. By Chris Jenkins