The Physical Therapies Stream features the latest clinical gold from some of the best thinkers in the MSK game. Improve your understanding of mechanisms, appropriate application and communication skills plus lots more in this Physical Therapies Masterclass at Therapy Live.

0830 Manual Therapy Through a Neurological Lens – Paul Coker

0915 Remedial Massage for Chronic Pain – Leah Dwyer

1030 Integrating Massage into Rehabilitation – Matthew Scarsbrook

1115 Reasoned Application of Self-mobilisation with Movement – Thomas Mitchell

1245 Shifting Conversations – Language and Communication Strategies for Manual Therapists – Oliver Thompson

1330 Shockwave Therapy in Chronic Lower Limb Tendinopathy – Benoy Matthews

1415 Manual Therapy of the Lower Limb – Chris Norris 

1600 Does Dynamic Tape Fit into Rehabilitation and Performance – Paula Clayton

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