The MSKR Stream is the place to be for reasoned debate and progressing the Musculoskeletal landscape forwards. Not afraid to pick on the big topics and make actual change. You do not want to miss out on this stream if you have any ambition of being at the forefront of contemporary practice. 

0830 ‘Rehabilitation’ – Understanding, Funding and Delivering it – Emma Salt & Guests

1030 Is it Time for Competency- based MSK Recruitment? – Matthew Wyatt & Guests

1245 What Factors Will Affect MSK Service Design Post-COVID? – Paula Deacon & Guests

1415 What Does the Future Hold for MSK Clinical Placements? – Ann Green, Reena Patel & Guests

1500 MSK Private Practice – The Post-COVID Landscape – Felicity Thow & Guests

1600 Insuring and Commissioning MSK Care Post- COVID – Jack Chew & Guests

1645 Did We Lose the Patient Voice Before it Was Even Heard? – Jonathan Hearsey & Patient Guests 

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