The Core Skills Stream features the latest clinical gold from some of the best thinkers in the MSK game. Improve your skills in communication, motivational interviewing, understand the patient perspective plus lots more in this Core Skills Masterclass at Therapy Live. 

0830 - Functional Rehab Principles for Work, Life and Play – Heather Watson  

0915 - Motivational Interviewing – Maddy Nicholson 

1030 - Is Pain Self-management Your First Choice, or Last Resort? – Pete Moore 

1245 - Exploring the Challenges & Potential Solutions of Expressing Pain Experience – Mike Stewart 

1330 - Video Therapy is a Wonderful Thing! – Katie Knapton 

1415 - Clinical Reasoning Within a BPS Rather than Biomedical Model – Matthew Wyatt 

1600 - The Role of Movement Analysis and Motion Capture in Contemporary MSK Practice – Shane Lowe and Rachel Brammer 

1645 - The Case for Exercise in Pain – Ben Cormack 

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