The Business Stream from Therapy Live 2020 features the latest clinical gold from some of the best thinkers in the MSK game. Improve your understanding of marketing, providing value, gaining feedback and project management plus lots more in this Business Masterclass at Therapy Live. 

0830 Confidence and Clarity in Uncertain Times - Gabriel Flores

0915 Leading to Survive or Thrive? – Celia Champion

1030 - Be a Clinician on a Mission: Innovation in Therapy BusinessMeg Lowry

1115 Ethical Selling – Andy Hosgood

1245 Marketing Beyond Word of Mouth – Michael Schumacher

1330 Proactively Managing Your Team – Celia Champion

1415 Who Needs Feedback? – Phil Badley

1500 Getting it Done: Systems and Projects – Malcolm Sloan

1600 Perfect Customer Experience – Andy Hosgood

1645 Measuring for Success & Making Impact – Phyllis SantaMaria

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