Every therapist hopefully strives to be better than they are, and to evolve into the best therapist they can be. 

But how do you get there? Is there a road map we should all follow?  

Most of us will, or have only know the answers by a career of lived experiences that include successes and failures all entwined with learning and development, some planned and some unplanned. 

How many of us take time to reflect, and to plan ahead? 

In this webinar, Mike James reflects on a career that has spanned over 20 years and uses his experience gained across many areas of the industry to try and articulate some of the things we should, and shouldn’t do to become better. 

Mike travels back in time to counsel his younger self, trying to use what he knows know to help him plot the best journey through his career. 

This webinar is a journey of reflection and is relevant to the student, the newly graduated and indeed, the experienced therapist who can use it as a self reflective exercise at any point in their career. 

Learning Objectives

  1. Key tips from an experienced therapist
  2. Pitfalls to avoid
  3. What should/shouldn't we do to become better therapists

Course Curriculum

Mike James Sports Injury Fix

Author: Mike James

Mike is a Director of SPorts Injury Fix and The Endurance Physio. A former Military Physical Training Instructor and rehabilitation specialist, fitness expert and Sports Rehabilitator.  He has a strong reputation in the therapy world having had many articles published in national magazines and is a regular speaker at conferences and shows as well as running his own courses and workshops. Mike holds an MSc in Physiotherapy as well as degrees in Sports Rehabilitation, strength conditioning and Sports Science.  

His passion is helping therapists maximise their potential and trying to unite the MSK therapy world, breaking down barriers between professions to the benefit of the patient. 

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