Recent years have seen a boom in endurance sport participation. Most therapists can now claim to have a client base that includes endurance athletes so how do you best manage this cohort effectively?

Strength training has become a panacea for therapists in recent times. But is it no longer as simple as saying “you can’t go wrong getting strong”?  

Learning Objectives

  1. To provide an overview of the current evidence pertaining to strength training and its effects on performance and injury reduction in endurance sports
  2. To identify some common misinterpretations of the current evidence that are widespread in current practise.
  3. To provide insight into the endurance athletes beliefs, requirements and limitations regarding the application of strength training.
  4. To provide simple advice and guidance on how to implement strength training to an endurance athlete.
  5. To provide an update on the current evidence relating to the application of strength training to the younger population who are increasingly involved in endurance sports.
Picture of Mike James Director of Sports Injury Fix

Course by: Mike James


Mike has over 20 years experience as an ultra-endurance athlete and therapist, competing and treating worldwide. A director of Sports Injury Fix, Mike is also widely known as "The Endurance Physio".

Mike has a strong reputation in the therapy world having had many articles published in national magazines and is a regular speaker at conferences and shows as well as running his own courses and workshops. 

A former Military Physical Training Instructor, Mike also holds an MSc in Physiotherapy and degrees in Sports Rehabilitation and Sports Science. His passion is helping both therapists and athletes maximise their potential. 

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