Studies have shown that those small businesses that have a business plan are almost twice as likely to be successful. Yet most therapists do not have one or don't use it.

Traditionally this has involved long documents that are hard to use, out of date as soon as they are written and quickly gather dust.

Yet all the benefits can be achieved with a simple one page document that adapts as you grow, saving you significant time, money and effort.

Find out how and why in this recorded webinar

Mike James and Malcolm Sloan

Presenters: Mike James & Malcolm Sloan

Mike and Malcolm have over 40 years experience between them of presenting and helping people to solve problems and thrive.

Mike brings his clinical experience as The Endurance Physio, a sports therapist and former military physical training instructor. Malcolm brings his business experience from private and public sector.

Through their work running and along with regular webinars to industry association they have had first hand insight across the profession as to what works and what doesn't. They are also known for distilling complex issues into simple actionable solutions.

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What's included

1. An explanation and overview of a one page business plan.

2. A template you can use.

3. Actions you can start implementing straight away plus recordings so you can re-review learning.

Feedback for Sessions for Success

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