Lower Limbposium Stream features the latest clinical gold from some of the best thinkers in the MSK game. Improve your hip, knee, ankle and foot outcomes plus lots more in this Lower Limb Masterclass at Therapy Live 2020. 

0830 How Does a Tendinopathy Develop? - Seth O'Neill

0915 Hamstring Injuries: Rehabilitation and Prevention - Kate Williams

1030 Exercise Evidence for Tendinopathy: Where is the Evidence Taking Us? – Peter Malliaras

1245 Current Best Practice for Managing Patellofemoral Pain – Brad Neal

1330 Understanding Foot Orthoses – Ian Griffiths

1515 What I Needed, What I got: My FAI Story – Joletta Belton 

1600 How do We Know if Our Patients Have Returned to ‘Normal’ After LL Injury? – Erik Meira

1645 When You Don't Need to Worry About Knee Valgus - Greg Lehman

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