Communication, it is so vital to everything we do as Therapists. In this webinar Alistair Beverley takes you through communication types and how it can positively or negatively affect your therapeutic outcomes. He gives you options to use and asks you to reflect on how you communicate with all patients, not just those with communication difficulties.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand what constitutes communication 
  2. Know why it is important and how it can affect therapeutic outcomes 
  3. Learn the BEST way to communicate with your patient 
  4. Recognise wider methods in which some people communicate 
  5. Reflect on how you communicate with patients  
Alistair Beverley

Author: Alistair Beverley

Alistair is heavily involved with Special Olympics Great Britain which has enabled him to meet people from across the world and take on new ideas and ways of working. These have transferred into his managerial role in providing tailored approaches to managing people to motivating teams to achieve optimal outcomes. 

He has been fortunate enough to have professional autonomy within the team which has allowed the opportunity to implement diverse new treatment modalities to the people they work with including virtual reality gaming. 

All of his work is centred around getting the best for the individual, whether they be patient, client, colleague or friend. 

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