We all know, it doesn’t matter if you prescribe the best exercise program ever if the person doesn’t do it. In this Webinar Andrew McCauley discusses barriers to compliance and how to overcome these. He also goes into the evidence behind compliance to help you understand how best to ensure your therapies get done!

Learning Objectives

  1. What factors can influence exercise prescription? 
  2. What are the barriers to exercise compliance? 
  3. How can you boost exercise compliance? 
  4. Research evidence around compliance.

Course Curriculum

Author: Andrew McCauley

Andrew is a physiotherapist and S&C specialist based in Cornwall. He works as an extended scope practitioner in hips, knees and shoulders as well running his own private practice.

He has a degree in PE/Sports Science from Liverpool University and a physiotherapy degree from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. In 2013, Andrew completed his masters in Sports and Exercise Medicine from Exeter University with distinction.

Andrew is a certified strength and conditioning specialist from the NSCA. He delivers a course called ‘Unravelling S&C for Therapists”, which aims to improve the therapist’s ability to prescribe exercise.

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