This is a recording from TheBigRs Conference 2018, Joletta explains her journey from her initial injury through various treatment methods and professionals to finally learning to manage her pain and becoming a patient advocate to not only help others in a similar situation but to also improve standards of care globally.

Learning Objectives

  1. Who Experiences Pain 
  2. Understand Patient Engagement
  3. What do we do from here? 
Joletta Belton

Author: Joletta Belton

Joletta Belton is a patient advocate who has opened the eyes of many many clinicians. The non-profit organization she cofounded also provides experiential learning workshops and retreats for people living with pain and training workshops and educational sessions for clinicians. Please check out the Endless Possibilities Initiative for more information. 

Joletta is also a member of the IASP and speaks at conferences providing the much needed patient perspective and advocating for improved care for all experiencing pain. Find her website at

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A Patients Take on Managing Pain - Joletta Belton